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Roger Soundfield

Roger Soundfield is our recommended indoor amplification system. Known for its high sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity, the Roger Soundfield Systems deliver crystal-clear sound to an entire room, making listening, focusing, and learning easier.

Specialist trained audiologists at Hear Check can both supply and support installation and training of Roger Soundfield in your classroom or other indoor spaces.


Talk to us about the best system components for your needs or follow this simple three step selection guide:

1. The microphone

The Roger Touchscreen microphone estimates the surrounding noise and automatically optimises the volume, ensuring that speech remains loud and clear. There are two versions to choose from:

Roger™ SF Touchscreen Mic

With an intuitive user interface, the Roger SF Touchscreen Mic is an easy-to-use microphone that transmits exclusively to the Roger DigiMaster loudspeakers, making it the perfect system for the entire class. It can be combined with the Roger Pass-around microphones for multiple input options.

Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

The Roger Touchscreen Mic is just as easy to use but has the ability to transmit directly to hearing instruments and personal Roger receivers giving both hearing impaired students and teachers alike the opportunity to master various modern classroom activities with ease. This device can be upgraded using the free Roger Upgrader software for compatibility with Phonak classroom devices, such as microphones, Roger SoundField, and Hubs.

soundfield in classroom teacher talking

2. Choose the right speaker option:

Choose your loudspeaker based on the size of the room you are wanting to cover:

Roger™ DigiMaster 5000

This is the perfect solution for average-sized classrooms. Coupled with a Roger SF Touchscreen Mic, this system offers the ultimate instant-sound performance.

Roger™ DigiMaster 7000

This is the system of choice for bigger spaces. The system can transmit over a larger area and has the option of being connected in a network of two speakers, therefore covering double the range of one DigiMaster 5000.

Roger Digimaster 7000 in the classroom

3. Choose any additional components:

Roger™ Multimedia Hub

Multimedia devices used in classrooms (e.g. TVs, MP3 players, smartboards, laptops, and tablets) can easily be connected to the Roger Multimedia Hub, which wirelessly transmits to Roger DigiMaster loudspeaker. When used in a network, the audio mixing feature in the Roger Multimedia Hub allows a teacher’s voice to be heard simultaneously with an audio signal. This is an excellent device for children with hearing impairment, who often miss hearing the teacher when media is being played. Ths clever device provides the child with an opportunity to hear directions and comments during and while watching media of any kid.

Roger™ Pass-Around

This Roger Pass Around microphone is an additional microphone designed to enhance classroom discussions so that not only teachers, but all students are heard clearly. This device can be used for student presentations or when there is a guest speaker and 2 people need to be heard at the same time. This allows for a child with hearing impairment to not get lost when a conversation starts or when 2 people are speaking in rapid conversation.

Roger Multimedia Hub
Roger Pass-Around Mic
Roger SoundField is as easy as 1-2-3! Hear Check we are pleased to offer free trials of the Roger SoundField Australia wide. Trials can be undertaken at no fee and are easy to arrange. Simply call Hear Check on 07 5493 9001.