Children's Hearing Aid Fittning

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At Hear Check, we pride ourselves on our thorough, and evidence based clinical practice. The successful fitting of children’s hearing aids requires specialised knowledge and experience. Using the latest equipment and software, our university qualified audiologists perform extensive testing, measurement, and evaluations during our hearing aid fittings to ensure the best hearing outcomes for our patients.

boy hearing aid fitting looking at hearing aid

Comfort check

After a thorough discussion and selection process at the initial assessment appointment, your child’s hearing devices will arrive from the manufacturer ready to be programmed by our Audiologist. We will firstly ensure the devices are physically suited to your child and they sit comfortably in the ears.
boy hearing aid fitting adjusting hearing aid

Real ear measures

In order to be accurate, hearing aid programming must take into account the acoustics of each individual ear canal, with its unique shape and size. We use “Real Ear Measurement” to factor in the impact of your child’s individual ear shape on the sound that will ultimately be received by the ear. This involves a small tube being inserted in the ear alongside the hearing aid, is pain free and requires the child to be still and quiet for a few seconds as a sound is played.

boy hearing aid fitting his hearing aid

Fine tuning

Once an accurate paediatric prescription is achieved, we will further tailor the sound using the highly sophisticated software to ensure the sound is clear and at a comfortable loudness level using some formal and informal assessment measures, including your voice as the parent. For first time wearers, this can be an emotional moment. It can be exciting or confusing for your child as they hear your voice more clearly for the first time.

boy hearing aid fitting feel comfortable


There is a lot to learn about using hearing aids but we will ensure you and your child feel comfortable and competent in the handling and management of the new devices, as well as confident in what to expect as your child adjusts to their new world of sound. Our experienced paediatric clinicians will help to create a safe and controlled environment for your child’s first hearing aid experience.

child with hearing aid fitted

We are here for you

This thorough appointment will take approximately one hour, and a follow up appointment will be arranged before you leave, giving you peace of mind that we have another opportunity to review the information locked in. Should you encounter any challenges or have any questions before your next appointment though, we encourage you to get in touch, as most initial concerns can be easily resolved over the phone.

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