Custom Ear Plugs

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Custom ear plugs are made from a mould of the shape of your individual ears. They are a comfortable and long wearing option suited to a range of applications from noise protection at work, sealing against water for swimming, filtering sound for music lovers, or even reducing sleep disturbance.


The success of a custom ear plug is all down to the expertise of the clinician taking the mould of your ear and the placement of the device. According to the National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work “Particular care is needed with the fitting of earplugs, which if poorly fitted may provide little protection”. Our success rate at Hear Check is second to none, and in addition to precise mould taking, we help you understand how to get the right placement and protection every time.

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Noise Protection

Our hearing is precious and once damaged, it is never the same. One of the leading causes of hearing damage is exposure to loud noises, be that through work or recreationally.

Work place hearing damage has been well documented for decades, and legislation is helping to reduce it, but there is much concern about the evolving research as to the damaging effects of recreational noise, particularly in children, adolescents, and young adults. This is attributable to the activities common to younger people that involve loud levels of music at concerts, bars, sports arenas and even gyms, and especially personal audio systems. Coupled with this, there are currently no universal standards to limit exposure to recreational noise.

Custom ear plugs provide effective protection are essential in the prevention of hearing loss due to noise exposure.


Custom Ear Plugs for Musicians

Musicians require both protection from loud sound levels, but also transparency of sound without distortion. A customised solution, including specific filters can provide this. Customised musicians’ earplugs are different from a traditional plug for noise protection in that they are designed to replicate natural sound but still offer protection when needed and can be ordered with different attenuation levels to suit.

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Custom Ear Plugs for Swimming

A custom swim plug will seal off the ear and prevent water from entering the ear canal and causing infections of the outer ear, known as swimmers’ ear. For children with grommets, or anyone with a perforated ear drum, any water that enters the ear could result in a middle ear infection – usually the reason for the grommets in the first place – so custom ear plugs for bathing, or if swimming is necessary, will manage the risk of ear infections while the grommets are in place.

Custom ear plugs are a sound investment. Call Hear Check today on 07 5493 9001 or book an appointment to discuss your requirements.