Dynamic Sound Field Amplification Systems

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Systems known as Sound Field Amplification Systems or Hearing Augmentation can be fitted in any learning environment to make the teachers voice louder, benefitting all learners, including those with hearing issues, as well as helping teachers with vocal strain.
All children can have difficulty hearing teachers within noisy and busy classrooms. Evidence tells us that children need the teacher’s voice to be louder than what adults require to be able to hear and learn effectively.

What is a Dynamic Sound Field Amplification System?

Hear Check, we are an accredited and approved supplier of Phonak Dynamic Soundfield Systems, also known as Hearing Augmentation. These systems assist children to hear optimally above the background noise within classrooms by increasing the volume of the teacher or instructor’s voice. Soundfield Amplification Systems can be used in any learning environment, from the classroom to art class or even a staff meeting. Our University-trained Audiologists can place these systems within schools, and provide teacher training and professional development to ensure the systems are correctly used.

Dynamic Sound Field Amplification in classroom
Dynamic Sound Field Amplification Systems in classroom


Dynamic Soundfield Amplification Systems are beneficial for all children, at all ages (even in Kindegarten). They are also important for children with auditory processing difficulties, ASD, ADHD, behavioural, speech, language, and learning difficulties, children with hearing loss, and their teachers. The many benefits to be had from a Dynamic Soundfield Amplification System include:

  1. Allows students and learners to hear clear speech above the noise in the classroom without straining to listen
  2. When students and learners are not straining to hear they have longer attention spans, better behaviour, and increased ability to retain what they hear
  3. Protecting teacher’s and instructor’s against vocal strain. Research tells us that this results in a more even temperament from the teacher with less stress associated with voice strain from trying to be heard above loud classroom and environmental noise levels. Learning environments with Soundfield Amplification Systems also result in less sick days for teachers
  4. Classrooms with Soundfield Amplification Systems are known to be quieter spaces resulting in more productive learning environment and behaviours from students
  5. The latest Soundfield Amplification Systems are dynamically clever. They can measure the noise around them and adjust to the sound around them to ensure optimal listening performance
  6. The latest technology also provides the greatest speech intelligibility, or clarity of speech, for a better listening experience

Auditory Processing Difficulties

The Audiologists at Hear Check are highly experienced and recognised experts in Auditory processing assessment. Any child suspected of an Auditory Processing Disorder should first be fully assessed by a qualified Audiologist for a formal diagnosis. Auditory processing disorders cannot be diagnosed by any other health professional!

While children with Auditory processing disorders and difficulties will perform better with Soundfield Amplification Systems, there may also be additional supports, therapy and adjustments required to provide optimal support.

Dynamic Sound Field Amplification components
Dynamic Sound Field Amplification shown to teacher


As Soundfield and Hearing Augmentation Specialists, Hear Check are pleased to offer Dynamic Soundfield product trials, Australia wide. Trials are easy to arrange. Simply call Hear Check on 07 5493 9001 or email us at info@hearcheck.com.au

Hear Check will ensure that your trial gets off to an effective start, providing professional support pertinent to an educational setting to ensure that instructor’s and teachers use the devices correctly and confidently. We know and understand that an investment in helping students hear, does not always translate to consistent use. Which is why we are truly passionate in ensuring that ongoing support to educators and children ongoing in order to ensure long-lasting, correct, and optimal use.

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