Children's Hearing Tests

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Comprehensive and Professional Hearing Assessments

Hear Check provides the most comprehensive and professional hearing (audiology) assessments for children on the Sunshine Coast. Each assessment includes looking at different parts of your child’s auditory system to pinpoint the location of hearing difficulty.

Hearing Assessments

Hearing assessments are painless and will determine and measure what your child can and cannot hear, across varying pitches of sound. Results are plotted onto a graph called an audiogram showing the degree of hearing loss: mild, moderate, severe or profound. It will also identify which part of your child’s hearing anatomy is affected. The audiogram can be provided to your paediatrician, GP and/or specialist on its own, or as part of a comprehensive audiological report.

child hear testing
childrens hearing tests

Hearing services for children include:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic hearing tests for children and infants
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic hearing tests for children with co-existing difficulties such as ASD and ADHD
  • Pure tone Audiometry- a test of hearing
  • Speech Audiometry- a test of how well you can detect speech
  • Acoustic Immittance- tests of your middle ear function
  • The very latest hearing aid technology for children and teenagers
  • Auditory Processing Assessments and Rehabilitation
  • Auditory environment consultation at school
  • Dynamic Soundfield Amplification Systems in your child’s learning space
  • Hearing Protection: swimming and musician plugs
  • Indigenous hearing health
  • Monitoring to check that grommets are open and working
  • Assistive technology and specialised hearing aids and supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Hearing aids and rehabilitation for children who would like a highly skilled and specialised private service
  • A comprehensive and collaborate team approach to hearing impairment and auditory processing abilities – we work in teams, speaking to paediatricians, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers.

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