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Hear Check is committed to finding the perfect solution for your hearing health needs, preferences and budget. For many people, the optimal hearing solution will include the fitting of hearing aids, and as an independent audiology clinic, we work with all global hearing aid manufacturers without bias or restriction, to ensure the right hearing aid is selected and then expertly fitted to address your unique hearing needs.

We also understand that hearing aids are not appropriate in every circumstance, and, at Hear Check, we are skilled in many alternative solutions available and will always provide objective and honest advice along with our experience and expertise to get the best hearing outcomes possible

Hearing Aids

Essentially tiny computers with the processing power to outstrip your pc or mobile phone, hearing aids do so much more than just pick up sound around you and make it louder.

Hearing aids these days are smart. They take the sound around us and process it to enhance the sounds we want to hear and reduce the sounds we do not. They can wirelessly connect to phones, smartwatches, home assistants and more. They can have specific settings for listening to music and can even change the direction they pick up sound from, without you needing to turn your head.
Hearing aids come in different shapes and sizes, from models that sit over the ear to those that are entirely seated inside the ear canal and virtually invisible. Our audiologists will explain why one style may be more clinically appropriate for you, and the pros and cons of different styles from our wealth of experience so you can make an informed choice.

From the simple to the advanced, the best hearing aids for you will be discussed at length during your appointment with our audiologists, to ensure you have the right product with the right features for today, and also for the future.

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Assistive Listening  Devices

When considering devices to help with hearing, often people think immediately of hearing aids. At Hear Check, our expertise runs broader than just hearing aids, and our professional audiologists can consider the many device options available to find the right solutions for your individual needs. This may include an Assistive Listening Device in place of a hearing aid, or in addition to a hearing aid for more targeted hearing improvements.

An Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is a device that can assist hearing but is not a hearing aid. ALD’s can help with many listening situations, for example if you feel you only need to hear specific things and are not ready for hearing aids; if you cannot successfully manage hearing aids and need an alternative, or if you currently have hearing aids but would like additional benefit in more challenging situations such as background noise or hearing over distance.

ALD’s that may be used in place of a hearing aid include television devices, amplified telephones, vibrating alarms, flashing alarms or alerts for the home, or personal amplification devices.

ALD’s that work in conjunction with hearing aids include Bluetooth devices, television devices, and remote microphones such as the sophisticated Roger wireless microphone system.

Aural Rehabilitation

The impact of hearing loss on a person’s quality of life, and the quality of life of their family/significant others, can be substantial, which is why our aural rehabilitation process takes both our professional results and a patients social and emotional well-being into account as part of the complete solution.

Aural rehabilitation can be described as a patient-centred approach to the assessment and management of hearing loss that includes shared decision making in a therapeutic or clinical environment, in order to explore and reduce the impact of hearing loss on communication, activities, and participations.

These types of discussions can include advice on improving communication through specialised strategies, information counselling for family members to help understand hearing loss and its impacts as well as the support role they can play, environmental acoustic modifications to make listening easier, coaching on using visual skills to enhance hearing and much more.

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Soundfield Systems

Hearing solutions can also be applied to group settings. Systems known as Soundfield Amplification Systems can be fitted in any learning or meeting environment to increase the volume of a teacher’s or presenter’s voice which then benefits all learners or listeners, including those with hearing issues.

Soundfield Amplification Systems are beneficial for all learners & listeners, children with auditory processing difficulties, ASD, ADHD, behavioural, speech, language, and learning difficulties, children with hearing loss, and instructors. These systems are not only beneficial in learning environments, but any building where there is a need to communicate with groups. They can even be used at meetings, and in places where people gather.

Hearing Protection

In addition to supporting hearing loss, we are equally committed to its prevention. We are experts in the fitting and evaluation of hearing protection, including custom ear plugs, and provide educational consultation to industry and schools to help educate and inform the community on how to manage and mitigate risks to hearing.

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