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Technological advances in both hearing aids and battery technology means that there are now many hearing aids powered by internal rechargeable batteries.


Traditionally, hearing aids have been powered by tiny, button style batteries with short lifespans of one to two weeks if worn all day. This can be a fiddly process, especially for those with poor dexterity or vision.

All hearing aid manufacturers have a range of devices powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Patients find rechargeable devices more convenient, easier to handle and improve the reliability of the device as there is no more opening and closing of a battery door risking moisture or dirt.

If you have a mobile phone, you are probably in the habit of recharging your it overnight, so it is easy to incorporate your hearing aids into this routine. Most rechargeable hearing aids can give you up to a full day of use after as little of 2-hours of charging. If you are in a hurry, a quick 15-minute charge can give you up to 3 hours of full performance, though charging times vary by model and brand. Generally, the chargers themselves are quite small and portable so great for travel or as a back up when out and about.

One compromise to be aware of when it comes to rechargeable devices is that they will be slightly larger than their disposable batter powered counterparts, but most patients find the convenience outweighs the slight compromise on cosmetics.

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Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity

Hear Check with bluetooth and wireless hearing aid tech

Another standard technology offering in hearing aids today is Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. But what does this actually mean? It allows your hearing aids to wirelessly stream music and connect to your mobile phone and other devices with ease. It can also mean answering phone calls hands free, and hearing the TV directly through your hearing aids, you can even tap and ask ‘Siri’ a question.

The audiologists at Hear Check love working with new technology and will set you up to make these connections easy, seamless, and often automatic. Each hearing aid manufacturer has their own Apps to access streaming and other features of their devices. All of these are easy to use and provide a one stop shop for interacting with your device that is always on hand if you always have your phone with you. We will demonstrate and practice using these features with you in the clinic during your fitting appointment, so you can experience them and feel confident with the technology.
Additional assistive listening devices can also stream wirelessly to hearing aids to support specific listening scenarios such as TV devices, digital home assistants and remote microphones such as the sophisticated Roger wireless microphone system.

You may already be aware of this if using other Bluetooth devices, but streaming will consume a lot more battery power, especially if using disposable batteries. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries usually give around 5 – 6 hours of streaming time.

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