Children's Hearing Aids

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Consistent and clear access to sound and language is vital to a child’s ability to learn and develop through every age and stage.
child with hearing aid getting fitted

Optimally fitted

If a child is diagnosed with a permanent hearing impairment, then hearing aids will provide access to the world of sound ensuring them every learning and growth opportunity.

As an evidence-based Audiology clinic, our decision making relies on independent research and we know the positive effects of hearing aid use for children is plentiful. Children optimally fitted with hearing aids can learn at comparative rates, perform at equivalent academic levels and develop comparable social and emotional skills to their hearing peers.


Studies show that children with hearing impairment benefit from wearing hearing aids:

  • Assists in increased brain activity and development
  • Development of full, rich verbal language
  • Stimulates and supports auditory sensors
  • Results in increased confidence and self esteem
  • Increases effective communication with parents, teachers and friends
  • Increases their social interactions and activities
  • Increases retention of information
  • Helps children achieve developmental markers
  • Hearing aids empower your child
child with hearing aid being shown roger ald

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