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What is a Soundfield System?

Hearing Augmentation Systems assist indoor listeners to hear optimally above the background noise within group settings, by increasing the volume of the speaker’s voice.

They are essentially made up of two components – a microphone, used by the person speaking, and a loudspeaker that will transmit the sound picked up by the microphone to the entire room.

Soundfield Amplification Systems can be used in any learning environment, from the classroom to art class or even a staff meeting.

Our university trained, Educational Audiologists supply and support you with the use of these systems within schools. We provide on-site teacher training and professional development to ensure the systems are correctly used.


Why so important?

There are many benefits to be had from a Soundfield Amplification System including:

  1. Clear Speech. Soundfield Amplification Systems allow students and learners to hear clear speech above the noise in the classroom without straining to listen.
  2. Better Learning. When students and learners are not straining to hear they have longer attention spans, better behaviour, and increased ability to retain what they hear.
  3. Less Vocal Strain & Stress. Soundfield Amplification Systems protect the teacher against vocal strain. This results in a more even temperament from the teacher with less stress associated with voice strain trying to be heard above loud classroom and environmental noise levels. Learning environments with Soundfield Amplification Systems result in less sick days for teachers due to vocal strain and stress.
  4. Quieter Spaces. Classrooms with Soundfield Amplification Systems are known to be quieter spaces resulting in more productive learning behaviours from students.
  5. Sound Adjustment. The latest Soundfield Amplification Systems are dynamically clever! They can measure the noise around them and adjust to the sound around them to ensure optimal listening performance.
soundfield in classroom teacher talking

Just for Classrooms?

A good Soundfield system is not just for classrooms but essential for any public address forum, and a dynamic system will provide the best performance as it constantly monitors the noise levels and adjusts itself accordingly. They are easy to use and are not a fixed system, so can be moved from one room to another. Hear Check have helped many community groups improve the enjoyment and participation at meetings with a Phonak Dynamic Soundfield system.

Are all Soundfield Systems the same?

When researching and selecting a system for your environment, it is paramount that you are aware that not all Soundfield Amplification Systems are created equally.

A dynamic system will provide a much clearer signal for a listener with hearing impairment as the system can measure the noise within the room, ensuring that the listener receives the optimal sound available.

Dynamic SoundField systems like the Roger SoundField provides high quality sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity.

For hearing aid wearers, an integrated solution that couples wireless and seamlessly to a learner’s hearing aids or cochlear implants is recommended.

Our Educational Audiologists can help you choose the correct system and provide the correct support and placement for children or students with hearing impairment.

speaker in auditorium with sound amplification

Can we trial a Soundfield System?

Yes! Hear Check provides trial systems anywhere in Australia. Hear Check will ensure that your trial gets off to the right start, providing professional support pertinent to an educational setting to ensure that instructor’s and teachers use the devices correctly and confidently.

We know and understand that installation of a system does not always translate to consistent use which is why we give ongoing support to instructors and teachers to ensure long-lasting, correct, and optimal use.

soundfield bundle
soundfield speaker with devices
Soundfield System trials are available and easy to organise. Call us today to arrange a trial on 07 5493 9001 or click here to complete our online form.