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Hearing Augmentation for building

Hear Check is an accredited supplier of Dynamic Soundfield Systems.  We are experienced providers in all levels of hearing augmentation to meet standards and requirements. Many community groups and venues have successfully used and benefited from these systems. From design, selection, positioning advice and training, we can help at any stage of the process.

Attention & Engagement

Soundfield Amplification Systems allow people attending public meetings or groups to hear clear speech above any background noise present, without straining to listen. This is important to ensure people can maintain their attention and engagement with the speaker, they will be less distracted by external sounds and will be more likely to retain the information presented.

Easy to use

Soundfield Amplification Systems are easy to use, making them perfect for guest speakers, and situations where there are multiple presenters. They can be fixed or portable, so can be set up on the day of a meeting in a shared venue or provided by a venue for all to use.

No vocal strain

For presenters who are speaking for a long period, Soundfield Systems protect against vocal strain. This results in a more even temperament from the instructor with less stress associated with voice strain trying to be heard above the environmental noise levels and across the room.

Dynamically adjusting

The latest Soundfield Amplification Systems are dynamically clever! They can measure the noise around them and adjust to the sound around them to ensure optimal listening performance at all times.

New buildings

Set-up & support

Involved in the build of a new venue, conducting renovations, refurbishments, and extensions on existing schools, meeting rooms or offices?

We are experienced providers in all levels of hearing augmentation to meet standards and requirements. Hear Check’s expert and specialised Audiologists have consulted, installed, and assisted with numerous projects including school extensions, new school developments and new office builds. Qualified Audiologists will assist with the selection and optimal positioning of hearing augmentation, Soundfield Amplification Systems and assistive hearing devices on any level of construction.

For best outcomes for architect, builder, teacher and student, hearing augmentation requirements should be discussed in the early stages of construction or renovations. We can review building and electrical plans and ensure the best and most seamless outcomes for both large and small builds.

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old auditorium

Existing systems


Reverberant and distorted sound can create an unpleasant and difficult learning environment.

If you are having difficulties with your current Sound field system, our qualified Audiologists are best placed to help ensure your current system is suitable for today’s technology-laden environments.

Can we trial a Soundfield System?

Yes! Hear Check provides trial systems anywhere in Australia. Hear Check will ensure that your trial gets off to the right start, providing professional support pertinent to an educational setting to ensure that instructor’s and teachers use the devices correctly and confidently.

We know and understand that installation of a system does not always translate to consistent use which is why we give ongoing support to instructors and teachers to ensure long-lasting, correct, and optimal use.

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soundfield speaker with devices

Soundfield System trials are available and easy to organise. Call us today to arrange a trial on 07 5493 9001 or click here to complete our online form.