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When choosing a hearing aid, there are so many features and technology options, which is why we take the time to get to know and understand your hearing needs as perfectly as possible during our hearing assessment. We then guide you through the ranges and match the right technologies to your needs.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult to see the benefits of these features until they are tested in the real world and this can also take some time.


As an evidence-based practice, a standard part of our hearing aid fitting appointment is a discussion about acclimatisation. We know that the average person takes between 7 – 10 years to act on a hearing loss, and during this time, the brain gets used to not hearing certain sounds correctly, and has even forgotten some sounds all together. Reintroducing these sounds instantly requires some work on the part of the brain, and it can take time for each person to get comfortable with the sounds they are now hearing through the hearing aids. We’ll ease you into this process and support your acclimitisation of new sounds.

Hear Check are here to support you through this process and ensure you feel at ease with the sound of your hearing aid, how to use them and look after them.

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The hearing aids of today — like all high-tech devices — have come a long way in terms of looks and performance, and there are many options to choose from. Hear Check are committed to finding the perfect solution for your hearing health needs, preferences and budget and as an independent audiology clinic, we work with all global hearing aid manufacturers without restriction.

Essentially tiny computers with the processing power to outstrip your PC or phone, hearing aids do so much more than just make sounds loud. Hearing aids these days are smart. They take the sound around us and process it to enhance the sounds we want to hear and reduce the sounds we don’t. They can wirelessly connect to phones, smart watches, home assistants, TV and more. They can have specific settings for listening to music and can even change the direction they pick up sound from, without you needing to turn your head.

Trial Hearing Aids

Flexible trial period

Hear Check offers a flexible trial period for you to experience your hearing aids in as many situations as you can and understand the benefits they offer.

In addition to our planned follow up appointments, we are available any time to answer any questions you might have and discuss your experiences to help support your understanding and expectations.

We will also provide you with recommendations on how to best acclimatise to your new devices during this time.

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