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Devices for classrooms or learning spaces that improve the volume of the instructor’s voice.

Soundfield Amplification Systems are ideal for every school environment. From the noisiest classroom to the seminar room, the art class to the staff room, a Phonak Dynamic SoundField will provide an unparalleled listening and learning experience. It ensures all students have access to hear clear speech above the noise in the classroom without straining to listen, and without teacher vocal strain. Hear Check will ensure best set up and training to ensure optimal use of the system in your school.

Benefits for students

Research shows that all students benefit from the improved signal to noise ratio provided by the Sound field systems, this includes children with either temporary or permanent hearing loss, children with ASD or ADHD, and children with other learning or behavioural difficulties. When students and learners are not straining to hear they have longer attention spans, better behaviour, and increased ability to retain what they hear. Research indicates that when students are able to hear and respond to instructions better they show improvements in academic performances, and in-class discipline is also easier to maintain.

Classrooms with Soundfield Amplification Systems are also known to be quieter spaces resulting in more productive learning behaviours from students.

for teachers

Research reveals less sick days for teachers due to vocal strain and stress*!  Another study showed improve voice quality, fatigue while talking, dry throat symptoms, and vocal strain in teachers**. This results in a more even temperament from the teacher with less stress associated with voice strain trying to be heard above loud classroom and environmental noise levels.

The risk of longer-term vocal health problems is also lower and because teachers do not need to repeat themselves as often, resulting in more time in class to cover lesson material.

for schools

In addition to the ability to better support teachers and student’s classroom experience, schools have been shown to gain financial benefit from the use of Soundfield Systems thanks to reduced teacher absenteeism due to voice loss – and reduced replacement-teacher costs.

F A Q’s for students and teachers

Are Soundfield Amplification Systems only for learners with hearing loss?

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this No – Soundfield Amplification systems are for everyone! Research tells us that everyone performs better when they can hear better and when the teacher or instructor’s voices are at easy levels of listening. Learners with hearing impairment also perform markedly better when they can hear the teachers voice more easily. For the hearing-impaired listener though, the system must be well chosen and well placed, free from excess reverberation and distortion. For this reason, an Educational Audiologist should always be consulted when considering a Soundfield Amplification system to support hearing impaired learners.

Are all Sound field Amplification Systems the same?

When researching and selecting a system for your environment, it is paramount that you are aware that not all Soundfield Amplification Systems are created equally.
Not all systems are suitable for those with hearing impairment for example. An integrated solution that couples wirelessly and seamlessly to a learner’s hearing aids or cochlear implants is highly recommended.
A dynamic system provides a much clearer signal for a listener with hearing impairment as the system can measure the noise within the room, ensuring that the listener receives the optimal sound available.
A Hear Check Educational Audiologist can help you choose the correct system and provide the correct support and placement for children or students with hearing impairment.

What about children with Auditory Processing difficulties?

The Audiologists at Hear Check are experienced and recognised experts in Auditory processing assessment. Any child suspected of an Auditory Processing Disorder should first be fully assessed by a qualified Audiologist as this is the only way to get a formal diagnosis.
Auditory processing disorders are a complex area. While children with Auditory processing disorders and difficulties will perform better with Soundfield Amplification Systems, there may be additional supports and adjustments required to provide optimal support.

What devices can be linked to the Sound field System?
Most Soundfield Amplification Systems can easily link to other media devices such as iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, phones etc. The options are smart and allow mixing of sound so that a teacher’s voice can be heard in addition to a video clip being presented. These devices also allow a learner with hearing impairment to receive the signal seamlessly.
What about team-teaching or multiple presenters?
Phonak Dynamic Soundfield Amplification Systems allow many teachers to link into one system. This is particularly useful when team teaching, at meetings, or when classes combine to a larger learning space.
Can we have multiple systems, or will they interfere with each other?
Dynamic Soundfield Amplification Systems are cleverly designed to ensure that an infinite number of learners can be synced into a system and never interfere with another system close by.
As a teacher, I have a loud voice, why do I need Soundfield Amplification?

Unfortunately, most teachers are unable to raise their voices consistently above the average classroom background noise levels. To be optimal for student listening the soft consonant sounds in speech need to be audible. For this reason, a Soundfield Amplification System is a better solution, even if you feel you are a loud speaker.
The added benefit is that the system will save an instructor’s voice from repeated strain and from feeling tired from vocal stress during the day.

Our Soundfield system is distorting and reverberant – Why?
This is far from ideal and could remove the benefits of the system for all learners. Reverberant and distorted sound can create an unpleasant and difficult learning environment. Please obtain advice from our qualified Audiologists at Hear Check to see if your current system is suitable for today’s teaching and technology-laden environments.

Can we trial a Soundfield System?

Yes! Hear Check provides trial systems anywhere in Australia. Hear Check will ensure that your trial gets off to the right start, providing professional support pertinent to an educational setting to ensure that instructor’s and teachers use the devices correctly and confidently.

We know and understand that installation of a system does not always translate to consistent use which is why we give ongoing support to instructors and teachers to ensure long-lasting, correct, and optimal use.

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Soundfield System trials are available and easy to organise. Call us today to arrange a trial for your school on 07 5493 9001 or click here to complete our online form.
* Survey in the UK by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People which showed that 59% of schools reported teaching days being lost due to vocal strain.
** Study in Brazil showed that using Roger SoundField in a classroom, for just one period per day, was enough to improve dry throat symptoms, voice quality, fatigue while talking and vocal strain in teachers