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Hear Check provides the most comprehensive and professional hearing assessments for adults and children on the Sunshine Coast. Our clinic rooms are comfortable, pristine, state-of-the-art, sound-proofed environments to enable safe, confidential discussions and optimal hygiene standards. When you see any of our qualified Audiologists at Hear Check, you will be receiving expert care and compassion from highly skilled and experienced individuals.

First Appointment

Full hearing assessment

The first appointment with an Audiologist is usually a full hearing assessment. Hearing tests are painless and will determine and measure what you can and cannot hear using several different testing processes. Each test examines a different part of your hearing system, to pinpoint the location of your hearing difficulty within the auditory system.

The appointment usually begins with some questions to get to know you and understand your hearing. We need to understand how your hearing impacts your daily life, work, relationships, hobbies etc, if we are to propose any solutions once we have tested your hearing.

hear check audiologist with patient getting to know you

We will then perform the following assessments:

boy with audiologist inspecting ear


We will examine your ears initially using an otoscope to visually assess the health of your ears. The patient simply sits still during this test.

child hear testing


During this quick test, light pressure is applied to your ears via a plug placed at the entrance to your ear canal to assess the function of your ear drum and middle ear. The patient simply sits still during this test.

hearing test-assessment man with headphones

Pure tone Audiometry (Adults)/ Play Audiometry (Children)

Sounds of varying pitch and loudness are presented under headphones to determine the softest sound level that can be heard. The patient responds during this test by pushing a button each time a sound is heard, or in the case of children, perform a play activity such as adding a block to a tower.

young girl following directions in hearing test

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (Children under 3 years)

Sounds of varying pitch and loudness are presented either under headphones or via speakers in the room to determine the softest sound level that can be heard. The child responds during this test by turning their head towards a visual reward e.g. a dancing puppet is revealed, each time a sound is heard.

woman hearing assessment speech Audiometry

Speech Audiometry

Words are presented at a comfortable volume and the patient repeats each word as it is heard. The volume is reduced, and the test run again to assess the level of difficulty this can present. For children, this may be achieved via the Kendall Toy Test, which asks the child to choose a toy on the table when they hear the word.

audiologist explains tinnitus what to expect

Results presentation

At Hear Check, we explain all tests and test results with you to ensure you understand what has happened and what has been found. We will relate the results back to your original concerns to help explain your experiences, as well as discuss possible next steps and solutions as appropriate. A copy of your test results will be made available to you or can be sent to a GP or other health professional should you wish.

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