Hearing in the Classroom

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Did you know that children need sound louder than adults to be able to hearing when there is background noise?

Amplification needed

This means that in classrooms it is very easy for children to miss what is being said by the teacher, especially within vibrant, busy and often noisy classrooms. Evidence tells us that children need the teacher’s voice to be about 10 decibels louder than what adults require, to be able to hear and learn effectively. For this reason, Hear Check recommends and specialises in classroom hearing augmentation systems, also called soundfield amplification systems.

Dynamic Sound Field Amplification in the classroom
teacher in the classroom hearing augmentation

We specialise

Hear Check’s highly specialised educational Audiologists also provide educational support to optimise your child’s hearing in the classroom and hence their ability to learn, including:

  • Assessment of the acoustic environment at school
  • Working with Advisory Visiting Teachers of Hearing Impairment and Learning Support Teachers to ensure appropriate considerations of the environment
  • Strategies for enhanced communication
  • Transition support from an Early Intervention Service to kinder, prep or school
  • Professional development for all school staff
  • Understanding and application for funding options, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Provision and support of Hearing augmentation and Dynamic SoundField Amplification Systems

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