Hearing In ChildrenBeing able to hear, and process what we hear, is vital for children to be able to speak and learn

Hearing Services for Children - Hear Check Sunshine Coast


Nearly 95% of children will experience a middle ear infection, with many children having recurring middle ear infections. Being able to hear, and process what we hear, is vital for children to be able to speak and learn.

Unfortunately, many children may be mis-diagnosed with other areas of difficulty when their hearing may not be optimal.  It is difficult to tell if your child has a hearing loss, without a thorough hearing assessment and hearing can change and fluctuate throughout the year.   

Symptoms of hearing loss

If your child has any of the following symptoms, they may have a hearing loss;

  • Frequent colds and flu
  • Poor speech and language skills
  • Poor literacy
  • Poor or irritable behaviour

The following services are offered for children

  • Auditory Processing Assessments and Rehabilitation
  • Auditory environment consultation at school
  • Indigenous hearing health
  • Swimmers Ear Plugs
  • Musician Ear plugs
  • Hearing Protection
  • Hearing aids
  • FM systems and Dynamic Soundfield Amplification systems
  • Pure tone Audiometry- a test of hearing
  • Speech Audiometry- a test of how well you can detect speech
  • Acoustic Immittance- tests of your middle ear function
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing tests for children aged 2.5 years and older

Hearing Tests

hearing tests for children sunshine coast

At Hear Check, we perform a comprehensive range of hearing assessments.  Each test will look at a different part of your hearing system, pin-pointing where your hearing difficulty may lie within the auditory system.

Hearing tests are painless and involve determining and measuring what you can and cannot hear, across varying pitches.  Results are plotted onto a graph called an audiogram, where we can tell you the degree (mild, moderate, severe, profound) and nature (which part of your system) of the hearing loss. 

This graph can then be provided to your GP and/or specialist.

The Auditory Processing assessments

Hear Check perfoms auditory processing assessments for children. Hear Check has specialist services in this area. Auditory processing difficulties can coincide in children with ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, speech and language difficulties, and any other learning delay or difficulty. To find out more about our evidence based assessments for auditory processing, please call us. Hear Check do not just assess children in this area, we offer specialised post diagnostic liaison with schools and teachers in determining the best care for your child in the context of their auditory difficulties.

Schools and Daycare

hearing aids for children

Did you know that 25-35% of prep to year 2 school aged children will have a hearing loss at any given time.  Children aged between 4 to 7 years are in a peak prevalence period for middle ear infections.  Middle ear infections are a common occurrence, especially in term 2 and 3, when there is a higher prevalence of colds and flu.  These infections may last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3-4months.  They may not necessarily be accompanied by pain, fever or any symptoms.  When a child has a middle ear infection, they may have a fluctuating mild to moderately severe hearing loss in one or both ears.  This may affect their behaviour, learning, speech, attention, sleep patterns and development. 

Middle ear infections within the kindy and daycare setting are also very common.  Children in this age group typically show poor behaviour, speech that is not easily understood or unclear speech.


Hear Check offers comprehensive school and daycare based universal hearing screening programs.  These programs have been highly successful in identifying children with middle ear infections and facilitating their care to enable them to be more functional in the classroom.  Dr Tegan Keogh, Director of Hear Check, has specialised knowledge in this area and is internationally published.  Before children see a speech pathologist or any other health professional, a comprehensive hearing test should be considered.  For further information or to arrange a visit from Hear Check to provide hearing screens or professional development regarding middle ear issues, please contact us.

Typically children have difficulty hearing teachers within noisy and busy classrooms. Evidence tells us that children need the teacher’s voice to be louder than what adults require to be able to hear and learn effectively. For this reason, a soundfield amplification system or FM system are valuable devices for helping ALL children hear well.

Dynamic Soundfield Systems

Hear Check is a supplier of Soundfield Systems. These systems assist children to hear optimally above the background noise within classrooms. Our university trained, professional Audiologists can place these systems within schools, and provide teacher training and professional development to ensure the systems are correctly used. Dynamic Soundfield Systems are beneficial for all children, children with auditory processing difficulties, children with behavioural, speech and language, and learning difficulties, and hearing impaired children. Call Hear Check  on 5493 9001 or contact us to arrange a FREE trial.

Children with diagnosed Permanent Hearing Impairment

hearing aids for children sunshine coast

Hear Check can provide educational support with regard to hearing impairment in terms of assessment of the school acoustic environment, working with AVTs to ensure appropriate considerations to the environment and strategies for communication, installation of Dynamic Soundfield amplification systems, and professional development for staff. 

Hear Check can provide the most state-of-the-art technologically advanced devices to enhance your child’s experience in the classroom.  We also provide services through the Better Start and CAEATI programs to ensure that you receive access to funding (conditions apply).

Hear Check have a range of highly specialised educational audiologist’s ready to help you child transition from an Early Intervention Service to prep or school.  Many teacher’s are not specially trained to understand or accommodate permanent hearing impairment within the classroom.  Hear Check’s Audiologists can visit your child’s school, provide teacher training and ensure that your child is gaining the most optimal experience within the classroom in terms of their hearing.