Teleaudiology ServicesAssessment of hearing for patients in remote or rural areas

Industrial Hearing Protection Services  - Hear Check Sunshine Coast


Hear Check is currently developing TeleAudiology Hearing Services in Rural and Remote communities, for adults and children. Please check back with us regularly for our developments of this state of the art service.


Hear Check specialises in the provision of TeleHealth Hearing Services in rural and remote communities for adults and children.  We are innovative leaders in this area and offer a unique opportunity to assess hearing in areas where Audiology or hearing services are not provided.  We have specialist knowledge in the establishment and provision of TeleHealth Hearing services.

Consultative services available

Hear Check & Dr Tegan Keogh provide consultative services to government organisations regarding the following;

  • Research
  • Research program set up and project management
  • Data collection in Audiology or hearing related services
  • Data analysis for research purposes
  • Consultative services for research programs within the Hearing health sector
  • Hearing policy and procedures
  • Neonatal hearing screening
  • Auditing Audiology or hearing screening programs
  • Quality assurance in Audiology
  • Program implementation
  • New service establishment and role out of new services
  • Training of Audiologists, Audiometrists or hearing health workers
  • Advice on occupational noise exposure and policies